We're getting a brand new restaurant inside Towne Square Mall.  Taco Tuesday is set to open in the space formerly occupied by Ruby Tuesday and Show Me's.

Amy Payne
Amy Payne

Taco Tuesday will be serving up a family-friendly atmosphere and will feature a taco bar.  We've been hearing rumors that the restaurant is getting to ready to open and now we're seeing signs that those rumors were true.

Amy Payne, who owns Amy's Fit Island Studio inside Towne Square Mall, snapped the photo above when she noticed that the official Taco Tuesday sign was in place.  And her message to her Facebook friends showed just how amped she is about the new restaurant.  She said, "We are so EXCITED for them to open!!"

We are too.  And we won't have to wait long.  Though we have been informed there's no official opening date set, owners hope to have the doors open and the tacos being served up by mid-June!

Just last month we shared news that Towne Square Mall had been purchased by new owners.  We're hoping that Taco Tuesday is just one of many new stores and restaurants at the property!


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