black friday

Can you hear it? The thundering herd of thousands of shoes, the screams of "I got it!", and the groans of missed items? Me neither, because I'll be sound asleep. Here's five other things you can do on Black Friday.
Stores Closed on Thanksgiving
It's that time of year again.  Time for the great debate about Thanksgiving.  Should retail stores be open for business on Thanksgiving to kick start their Black Friday sales?  That depends, of course, on whom you ask.  The shoppers love it.  Traditionalists say "Uh, no."  But as you decid…
When I first heard that there were shoppers who had already started camping out in lines awaiting their opportunities to storm the big box store of their choice on Black Friday, I thought they'd purchased faulty calendars.
How do you Black Friday shop?
Every year it seems that Black Friday gets bigger and bigger. From the addition of Cyber Monday to stores starting sales on Thanksgiving day, it has taken a life of its own.
This got me wondering, what are your thoughts and habits for Black Friday shopping...
Wear Your Christmas Tee Friday!
It's just about time to kick off the holiday shopping season and we want you to do it in fine "Country-Station" style!  For weeks we have been handing out 500 exclusive, limited edition, holiday t-shirts from our friends at Terry's Tees of Owensboro.  And, if you were lucky enough to get o…
“O Christmas Tees” Return to WBKR!
They're back! For the 3rd straight year, WBKR and Terry's Tees are teaming up for an exciting holiday promotion called "O Christmas Tees!"  Terry's Tees has printed us 500 exclusive, limited edition, holiday t-shirts and we'll be giving them out on air and at "O Christmas Tee" re…
Black Friday Is Coming, Are You Ready? [VIDEO]
The day after Thanksgiving, also known as "Black Friday," is when a lot of stores open at midnight. It officially kicks off the Christmas shopping season and all the major stores give the public incredible deals on just about everything from toys to electronics and more! I've never partici…

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