When I first heard that there were shoppers who had already started camping out in lines awaiting their opportunities to storm the big box store of their choice on Black Friday, I thought they'd purchased faulty calendars.


They're actually, some of them, jockeying for the best position because money is tight and they aren't taking any chances when it comes to getting to the best deals first. That's what I heard one lady say.

One guy actually set up a tent this past Monday, and in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio of all places where it will be very, very cold this weekend and perhaps on into the next week.

Hey, to each his own.  It's not illegal and it's a free country and they can do whatever they want. Plus, based on what I've seen, they sort of formed a community of common interest.

But I do feel like it fosters the desire for these big retailers to open earlier and earlier. Many such stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day, forcing employees who'd much rather spend time with their families watching football and eating turkey to spend all or most of the day at work.

But, then again, these folks getting a jump on the bargains? That's not their fault.

Black Friday? It's not even that old a term and now it's becoming obsolete.


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