Family Photos With Your Pet
What family would be complete without their four-legged pouch? This weekend you have the opportunity to get the family together and take a family picture with your pal all for a great cause.
Owensboro Pet Owner Warns of Hawk Threat
Angel Here! Scrolling through Facebook this morning I noticed my friend Katie Kahn had posted about her puppy nearly getting attacked by a Hawk in their own front yard. As a pet owner, this concerned me!
A Very Happy Ending
How exciting is this?! Yesterday we made a desperate post to save a precious pup from the Daviess County Animal Shelter. We have some great news!
The shelters are overflowing with precious fur babies. One particular pup caught my attention this week when DC URGENTS posted his picture saying he needed help! He is a code RED.
Watch What You Feed Your Dogs!
Our sweet doodle, Layla Rose, loves eating fruits, vegetables, well anything! I have always known dogs couldn't eat chocolate but I had no idea they couldn't have some of this stuff.
Do You Know These Pups?
Angel Here! My dear friend Jamie Lynn Shannon posted a picture of these sweet puppies on her facebook page. She says they showed up wet and cold at her house last night. Can you help-->
Need A Four-Legged Friend?
Have you ever been to the Daviess County Animal Shelter?  I hadn't been in quite a long time.  There have been some major changes in the past few years.  Check it out~

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