Pet owners know the importance of ensuring an enrichment filled life for our animals, and for dog owners, a trip to the dog park is a great way to offer exercise and socialization for our canine companions.

What Makes a Great Dog Park

What exactly makes a great dog park? Well it takes more than grass and dogs, that's for sure. According to the The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, dog parks should offer a number of amenities like water, shade, and materials to clean up after you pup. An important feature of a good dog park is enough space to prevent overcrowding.

Not All Dog Parks Are Equal


Unfortunately, not all dog parks are created equal, and some are much better than others. Some are incredibly popular, and often overcrowded, but there are those that come might call "hidden gems." One pup park in particular in Tennessee has been voted among the "Top Ten Hidden Gems for Dogs."

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Top Hidden Gem Dark Parks in the US - Tennessee Among the Best

Canine tech company, TechnoBark has released its list of the Top 130 Hidden Gem Dog Parks in the US, and Shelby Farms Dog Park in Memphis ranks among the best. Taking the number 4 list, the Tennessee dog park has a lot to offer, according to TechnoBark.

Shelby Farms Dog Park in Memphis offers more than just a romp in the park; it's a river retreat where water-loving pups can make a splash. -TechnoBark

Shelby Farms Dog Park offers over 100 acres of "multi-use" land with fields, ponds, and trails. Learn more by visiting their website here.

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Another Tennessee Dog Park on the List

Although the only Tennessee dog park in the top 10, Shelby Farms Dog Park is not the only one to make the list of hidden gems. Coming in at #37 on the TechnoBark list is Centennial Dog Park in Nashville.

The next time you feel like taking fido out for a little fun, consider visiting one of these hidden gems for dogs.

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