father's day

Celebrating Daddy Joe
Angel here! With Father's Day quickly approaching I began to think of all the father's out there that go above and beyond for not only their own children but other children too.
My Old Man
In honor of Father's Day the Zac Brown Band has went to social media to request that all their fans submit photos of themselves with their dad.  We have the link and you can do it too!
What To Get Dad For Father’s Day?
If you're like me short on cash and Father's Day is just a few days away I go online for ideas on what to get dad. I thought this little survey was cool, 1 in 5 dads said all they want is to spend more time with their families, for maybe the smaller kids wanting to know what to get dad how about making him a photo frame with a picture of him and you,  simple things like that are something dad woul
What Does Your Dad Mean To You?
Father's Day is this Sunday,  and  I would like for you to post a picture of your dad through Father's Day and tell me what your dad means to you?  I have posted some pictures of me and my dad through the years,  my dad is someone who I continue to strive to be like he has always been there for me through good times and bad and my dad can build anything out of his hands and fix anything,  he is a