Siri Can Beatbox?
If you are an iPhone user, I'm sure you use Siri to help you with directions, phone numbers and more, but did y'all know how talented she is?
What do you think happens when you ask Siri to beatbox? She tears it up, that what happens, haha!
Seriously, check this out!
Your iPhone Could Make You Feel Better
I recently got an iPhone and I really like it, it's kind of funny when you think about it how one phone can really replace a lot of things in your home like an alarm clock, a computer, video game systems, even a t.v. remote. There are so many game apps, weather apps and so many more!
What FREE iPhone App Is The Most Popular?!?
I love my iPhone! I've only had it a couple of weeks but it's very nice to check the weather, update your Facebook status, play free games, take pictures and send them instantly this phone can do alot! Apple just surpassed 10 billion app downloads that is a bunch, Do you know what free app is #1? Un…
Excessive Heat + Humidity = Severe Weather
An Excessive Heat Watch goes into effect tonight and goes through Saturday evening. Conditions outside will be hot & steamy with that brings us a chance of strong to severe storms. Please take care of yourself in this heat if you have to be out, drink plenty of fluids, stay in shaded ar…
radioPup Mobile App Now Available for Android
radioPup, the only mobile app that lets you to listen to WBKR, is now available for Android users! Starting now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users can listen to the country station anytime, anywhere, for free.
You can download radioPup and learn more about the app on our mobile app page ...