Owensboro Pet Owner Warns of Hawk Threat
Angel Here! Scrolling through Facebook this morning I noticed my friend Katie Kahn had posted about her puppy nearly getting attacked by a Hawk in their own front yard. As a pet owner, this concerned me!
Need A Four-Legged Friend?
Have you ever been to the Daviess County Animal Shelter?  I hadn't been in quite a long time.  There have been some major changes in the past few years.  Check it out~
Carsyn's Goldfish Died [VIDEO]
We all know that I'm not great at keeping pets alive at our home. Don't judge me people, it just tends to go bad, ha! But, Carsyn got a pet fish, Orangy and it had a good run. But, like they say, all good things must come to an end.
So, when we checked on Orangy the other day and realized he had gone…
Puppy Mill Closes
It's always sad news to hear about puppy mills. If you aren't familiar with the term, it's an operation of dogs (usually small breeds) who are used exclusively to breed for puppy sales. Many times, the dogs are kept their entire lives in small confinements and sadly, deplorable condit…

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