Who’s Going to Win American Idol? [Video]
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest says it will be one of the closest finales in Idol history.  Jessica Sanchez versus Phillip Phillips!  And last night, both contestants laid it all out on the line for your votes.  So, who won the night?  Who SHOULD win the title of American Idol? Let's turn to our Idol expert Steve Thompson, who was tuned in and ready to call the race!
WBKR Reviews Idol’s Final Four Showdown [Video]
Last night on American Idol, our final four contestants hit the stage trying to earn a spot in the Top Three and those coveted trips home with Idol crew in pursuit.  Who took the stage and owned the night?  Who fell short and possibly faces elimination tonight on the results show?  WBKR's Idol expert Steve Thompson shares his thoughts and ranks the performers.  Take a look!
Idol Expert Steve Thompson Weighs in on Top 5 [Video]
Last night on American Idol, our remaining Top 5 contestants sang for the Final Four.  Each had to tackle two different genres:  Songs of the 60's and The British Invasion.  WBKR's Idol expert, Steve Thompson, was tuned in and shares his thoughts about who won the night and who's in big trouble.  As Steve explains, an early favorite could be sent packing after a very mediocre night.
Skylar Laine Sings QUEEN and ALDEAN on Idol [Video]
Last night on American Idol, Skylar Laine and our other remaining Idol hopefuls took on the songbook of famed rock group, Queen.  And there were stand-out performances all over the place.  At one point during the night, Jennifer Lopez asked, "How are we supposed to judge?  They are all so good."  Luckily, here at WBKR, we have our very own Idol expert.  Yes!  Steve Thompson was tuned in
A Little Now and Then on AMERICAN IDOL [Video]
Last night on American Idol, our final seven contestants went to the mic twice to sing to stay.  And the themes were quite simple.  Contestants had to choose a song from NOW and one from THEN.  So, who won the night and who's in danger of elimination?  Let's turn to our American Idol expert, Steve Thompson, who ranks the performances from 7 to 1 in each category and gives his predictions about who
IDOL’s Skylar Laine Sings Kellie Pickler [Video]
Last night on American Idol, our remaining seven contestants took on hits from the current charts.  In fact, each hopeful had to choose a song from 2012 to now.  And, Idol's resident country gal, Skylar Laine, took on a big old Kellie Pickler song and swung for the fences.  How did she do?  Check it out!  Plus, read Steve Thompson's full review of last night's show and find out who WBKR's Idol exp
American Idol: The Top 24! Well, Sort Of . . .
Last night on American Idol, we met 14 of the Top 24 finalists who will start singing for your votes next week.  As usual, with the "Green Mile" episodes, there were some huge surprises (Lauren Gray going home???? Really, AI?).  But some of the early favorites, including two country gals, sailed through to the live performance show with flying colors.  Our American Idol expert, Steve Tho
Chad Reviews AMERICAN HORROR STORY: TV’s Scariest Show Ever!
Ryan Murphy, the guy who created Glee, now wants to make you pee!  And, with the help of his Glee co-worker and co-creative partner, Brad Falchuk, he is doing just that every Wednesday night with the FX original series American Horror Story!  When Dave Spencer and I were co-hosting our movie review show The Screening Room, we had pretty much given up on the horror movie genre.  Studios realized th
And Your American Idol Is…
If you were watching American Idol last night, it may have appeared that Fox meteorologist Ron Rhodes won the title!  Because of severe weather coverage and the threat of tornadoes and damaging straight line winds, Ron was on the tube alot during the Idol finale!  But that didn't stop the proceedings at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, where Scotty McCreery was crowned our latest champion!  So, d
Star and John Sitting In A Tree!
If you are John Rich, right about now you need to be pulling your cellular out of your big old fur coat and calling 911!  On last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Star Jones (who I like to now refer to as "Satan's Sister") made a very interesting and personal admission.  She LOVES her some John Rich!   And, the girl ain't even playin'!  Given the fact that this show has made me a
American Idol’s Final Four
  American Idol is down to its version of the Final Four and, last night, James, Lauren, Hayley and Scotty took the stage twice to battle for a spot in the Final Three.  In Round One, the contestants took on songs that have inspired them.  In Round Two, they got an assist from Lady GaGa with the songs of Leiber and Stoller.  So, who was "in it to win it" as Randy Jackson says?  And wh

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