Last June, Winston Hines from Somerset was cast on CBS' Big Brother after he went to an open casting call in Bowling Green. Next month, the network is holding another open casting call; this time for its original reality competition show, Survivor.
It has to be one of the best reality TV shows ever made. The blindsides, the rewards, the bug bites, the drama, I'm talking about Survivor on CBS. Kentucky is being represented on the new season, Ghost Island, in Kimper's own Donathan Hurley.
How to Open a Can [Video]
Survivor is in the middle of its "Blood Vs. Water" season on CBS.  In fact, another episode airs tonight.  I was thinking about the show over the weekend when Nashville Kat shared this video on her Facebook page.  Have you ever tried to open a can of food without a can opener?  I haven't .…
Boston Rob Finally Wins Survivor
In his fourth season as a participant in CBS' Survivor, Boston Rob Mariano finally became the sole survivor and won one million dollars. As host Jeff Probst put it, it was very nearly as perfect a game as he as ever seen played. And while I am glad Rob won the 22nd edition of Survivor…
Survivor’s Matt In Over His Head
Last night, Survivor moved into the next phase, the best phase. We have merged! And young Matt, who has spent the last six weeks battling on Redemption Island in an effort to return to the game, just isn't paying attention.
Country Music Survivor
Chase Rice--the hair's-breadth runner-up on CBS' Survivor--may have lost a million dollars, but he got to perform in front of millions of people Sunday night during the hit reality show's live finale: