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Danai Gurira Leaving 'The Walking Dead'
We first saw her katana, samurai sword slashing the heads off of walkers in season 3 of The Walking Dead and now, Michonne played by Danai Gurira, will be leaving the hit series ahead of season 10.
'The Walking Dead' Finale Delivered The Goods...Almost
Oh my goodness! The season six finale of 'The Walking Dead' was 90 minutes of uncertainty and tension. Hats off to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan was everything and more. Oh man, so much more and so sadistic. I know the Emmys have avoided the show like a zombie infection, but Morgan may get a …
When we left off, SPOILERS!, Alexandria was overrun by the zombie herd, in other words, as they always do, things fell apart. When we left  Darryl, Abraham, and Sasha, they were stopped by a motorcycle gang who demanded they surrender and turn over everything. And although we don't see a s…

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