Brooklyn BBQ Tweet Stirs Debate [TWEET]
I kept seeing retweets about this plate of BBQ from Brooklyn and apparently it has lit a fire under the many, many BBQ purists. Now while this plate of food looks mildly appetizing, it lacks a little bit of meat?
Moon Pie Has the Best Twitter Account
Let's be honest, Moon Pies are some of the most decadent snack cakes ever created. They celebrated their 100th birthday last year and whomever is in charge of their Twitter account deserves an award, it's hilarious and, at times it's a little tongue in cheek.
Sesame Street Introduces "Julia" A New Muppet With Autism
This fast paced world is growing and changing by the minute.  With these changes comes adaptation to everything from daily living to television.  Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly tweeted that Sesame Street had just announced plans to introduce "Julia" a muppet with autism.
The Night 'True Detective' Broke HBO GO [VIDEO] [NSFW]
I think we can all agree I watch WAY too much TV. It's an addiction, but when so many good shows are out there, it's difficult not to tune in. One such show that has captured mine and millions of viewers' attention is HBO's gritty crime drama 'True Detective'. I hope Matthew McConaughey isn't tired …

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