It's not every day that a food delivery driver interrupts a college basketball game, but that's exactly what happened on Wednesday night at the Loyola Chicago vs. Duquesne game.

The two teams were in the middle of a heated battle, with the score tied and only seconds left on the clock. Suddenly, the most unexpected and incredibly random happened, and it involved an Uber Eats driver.

ESPN+ via Twitter
ESPN+ via Twitter

It is quite clear that there are a few scenarios when you wouldn't want a food delivery person to interrupt you:

During a job interview: Imagine you're sitting in front of a potential employer, trying to impress them with your qualifications and experience. Just as you're about to give your best answer to a question, a food delivery person walks in with a bag of takeout. Not only would it be incredibly distracting and disruptive, but it could also make you appear unprofessional and unprepared.

During a wedding ceremony: Your big day is finally here and you're about to say "I do" to the love of your life. Just as you're about to exchange vows, a food delivery person walks down the aisle with a tray of food. Not only would it be a major distraction, but it could also ruin the moment and create an awkward and embarrassing situation.

During a final exam: You've spent weeks studying and preparing for this moment. You're sitting in the exam room, surrounded by your classmates, when a food delivery person walks in with a bag of takeout. Not only would it be distracting, but it could also cause you to lose your focus and concentration, potentially affecting your performance.

During a surgery: You're lying on the operating table, about to undergo a crucial medical procedure, when a food delivery person walks into the room with a bag of takeout. Not only would it be disruptive and inappropriate, but it could also compromise the safety and well-being of the patient and the surgical team.

ESPN+ via Twitter
ESPN+ via Twitter

During the Loyola/Duquesne game, officials halted play to resolve the situation, and the announcers were left scratching their heads. An Uber Eats delivery driver meandered onto the court and approached a referee as if he ordered the food." one of them said.

He's carrying some McDonald's. I'm not actually kidding. I think that's what's happening.

The question on everyone's mind was, "Who could possibly want a delivery of McDonald's during a college basketball game?" Some reporters on the scene speculated that someone working at the video board had ordered the food and the driver was just following instructions according to Sports Illustrated. But how he got into the arena without a ticket is still a mystery.

In any case, the driver eventually found the person who ordered the food and delivered it to them, and the game went on. Duquesne ended up winning 72-58, and we can only hope that the driver got a good tip out of it.

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But a college basketball game? That's a new one. Let's hope this is a one-time occurrence and we can all go back to enjoying our sports without any unexpected food deliveries.


The bizarre interruption has been all but proven to be a prank for social media videos. And, boom goes the dynamite.

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