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Moon and Chad Go International Friday Morning [Audio]
The International Barbecue Festival this year will indeed be International  as WBKR’s Waking Crew is joined by an English deejay. She’s Fern Lulham, who has been studying at Western Carolina University in North Carolina. While in her native homeland, Fern attended Glamorgan University in Wales...
Chad & Moon Perform THE MONSTER MASH Live! [Audio]
Moon & I started a WBKR Waking Crew tradition a few Octobers back.  I love performing the THE MONSTER MASH and can't wait for Halloween to roll around because I get to do it for you guys on the air.  So, this morning, to get you ready for an awesome weekend full of Halloween events, I channeled my inner Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Moon summoned his inner Crypt-Kicker and we laid out a
The Jason Koger “Look Ma! No Hands” T-Shirt Challenge
This morning on The WBKR Waking Crew, we talked with my good buddy, Jason Koger, who issued a challenge to all of our WBKR listeners.  As some of you know, Jason lost both of his forearms and hands in a freak accident three-and-a-half years ago.  If you've seen Jason out and about since then, you may have seen him wearing his favorite t-shirt which says, "Look, ma!  No hands!"  Well, Jas