Hump Day on The WBKR Waking Crew means STUMP THE CHUMPS day!  And, this morning's STUMP winner caused a bit of a stir!  Janet called in and asked Moon & me what the one thing you could do to a soda can after shaking the holy crap out of it to ensure it wouldn't erupt like a volcano when you open it!  I said that you need to "flick" the can six times.  Janet claimed I was wrong, then provided us with what she believed to be the correct answer.  Janet insists you turn the can on its head (then back upright) three consecutive times and that will do the trick!  In good faith, we declared Janet the winner of the contest and gave her tickets to The Big O Music Fest!  But, after a few phone calls (including one from Shelia Hayden, who was standing in her front yard soaked in a carbonated beverage), we decided to put my answer and Janet's answer to the test.  Watch the video.  Will the jury reach a verdict??

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