Yes, Christmas is less than a week away. WHAT?!? Aside from all the present wrapping and baking, seven Republicans are hoping for a late Christmas gift in the form of a victory in the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses. Iowa is the first time anyone will vote for his/her favorite candidate. And just how many debates have led up to this moment? Try thirteen! I only got to see just a little bit of the last Thursday's Iowa debate.

Politics are all about personality and the Republican field has tons of it. A new game can help you choose which one, including President Barack Obama, you most identify with. It's called the Match-O-Matic. You can play as many times as you want if you aren't satisfied. I got this guy:

Former House Speaker, political pundit, and author Newt Gingrich. Trust me, this a lot more fun than really trying to decide who to elect President next November. Santa Claus is sadly not included.