This is so much fun!  Next Wednesday, students at Tamarack Elementary get to learn to cook.  And they'll learn from the folks who cook for them every day.  Check out the school's Cook with the Cooks program!

Increased concern over childhood obesity leads to healthy alternatives for school meals
Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Next week is National School Lunch Week and Tamarack is celebrating by offering students the chance to get hands-on and learn meal planning and preparation. According to DCPS, selected Tamarack students (from all grade levels) will get the chance to meet in the cafeteria from 8 to 8:30 a.m. next Wednesday, October 4th.  There, they will help the school's food services staff prepare lunch for the day.  And that's a pretty big task!  The school cooks for approximately 250 students and 70 staff members per day.  And the "cooks in training" will assist in setting up the salad bar and help to prepare open-faced sub sandwiches.



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