The Voice is now LIVE and you have your first chance to vote to save your favorite performers and contestants on the show!  And, on last night's episode, Team Blake Shelton went head to head with Team Christina.  (And, by the way, is is just me or is X-tina an X-hag??)  8 performers took the stage, 4 will survive.  So, who rocked it out on last night's episode and who's in danger of getting their voices silenced?  Our American Idol expert Steve Thompson weighs in with his opinions about the cast of The Voice!

Voters will save one contestant from each team, with the top vote-getter from each advancing further in the competition.  The judges will save another contestant from each team.  And, The Voice, unlike American Idol, is limiting votes per household!  HALLELUJAH!!  And, you have until next Monday to vote.  So, get on it!!

Then tune in next Tuesday as Team Adam Levine takes on Team Cee Lo Green!