I actually have a hard time watching this video, because there are few things scarier than being in your car and being unable to control it.

Franklin, Tennessee is a beautiful suburb of Nashville and I look forward to going back. But, just like every other town when a winter storm hits, it has dark side. Just ask this man whose pickup truck did the scary sideways slide.


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Look, I had enough slip 'n' slide anxiety trying to get up my driveway which slopes, I believe, at about a 30 degree angle. Fortunately, our snow shovel did the trick and I found traction.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

But that Franklin, Tennessee video and my travails on my driveway should serve as a reminder to EVERYONE--if you need one, that is--that while snow offers better traction than ice, it's still nothing to mess around with.

In fact, on my way home, the trucks hadn't yet gotten to many of the streets (I didn't see a whole lot of them out and about, thought) I was traveling. So just please drive as slow as possible. Give yourself extra time.

And remember something my dad taught me the very day he began teaching me how to drive in the Towne Square Mall parking lot:

When you approach an intersection and you have to stop, put your vehicle in neutral then tap the brakes. Your wheels are no longer in charge and you have a MUCH better chance of stopping.

We have more coming, friends. Stay safe.

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