Okay, let me preface this story by telling you about a similar situation that happened to me and the Ohio County Marching Band 20 years ago. Funny thing is, it was nothing compared to what happened at a Tennessee high school over the weekend. We had a two contest day going and our night contest was at Franklin-Simpson High School in Franklin, KY. We had a giant flag that our eight-graders pulled over us from the sideline as we hit the first note of our opening number. As I recall, we were having typical October weather; windy, cold, nothing out of the ordinary and this was my senior year, so I thought I had seen it all. I was wrong! Apparently the wind was stronger than we thought and the flag collapsed as these tiny kids were struggling to pull it over. For a few bars, the entire band was buried under a flag. I was marching bass drum and I just ducked down and went on. Then, as fate would have it, at the end of our short opener, we emerged, well most of us did, one of our fellow drummers was dragged all the way back to almost the other sideline, but he got right back in there as the second number started.

Well, I think the Tullahoma High School Marching Band has set the bar for the ultimate unexpected situation. On Friday night, Tullahoma HS traveled to Coffee County Central for a critical game and, they won. Unfortunately, two Coffee Co. Central supporters were not happy and they decided to pull a cruel prank on the opposing team's marching band. Watch.

Unbelievable. The band, although you can't tell if they continued marching, forged on and played the heck out of the remainder of their rock-themed show. Did you notice one of their numbers was the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black"?

Simply put, don't mess with the band kids!

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