Were you ever a fan of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, etc? The Archie comic books have been around since 1941, which means he's 75 years old?! The character and his friends have never really aged beyond high school. Now, Archie and the gang are coming to life in the new CW series Riverdale. I have many thoughts on the teaser trailer, let's watch!

What in the name of Christmas is going on here?!? I'm sorry, but I never pictured Archie as much of a stud, and I definitely didn't picture him as an athletic stud. I figured his rival Reggie was more brawny. Is this Riverdale or Twin Peaks? The whole mood here is really dark. I guess not every comic book translation can look flashy and colorful like Dick Tracy. Where's Mr. Weatherbee when you need him? Is that blood?

Riverdale's four-episode run will commence on Thursday, January 26th on the CW. Oh, and yes, that is Luke Perry! He plays Archie's father Fred Andrews. Hubba-hubba!

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