If you have ever been to a country music concert, you know that nearly every country music star lays out a cover or two in their live shows.  And, those covers aren't always country!  But how awesome is this?  And whodathunkit?  The Band Perry does a cover of "Fat Bottom Girls" . . . by QUEEN!!  What?  Are you kidding? 

Kimberly Perry has shared that she considers Freddie Mercury one of her favorite entertainers of all time.  And that her parents were huge fans of Queen as well. 

So, for "hits" and giggles . . . I searched YouTube and found a video version of the original.  Yep, ladies and gents . . . Freddie Mercury and Queen are on WBKR.com!  Enjoy!

So, what do you think?  Did The Band Perry do Queen justice?

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