Here at WBKR, we are the proud owners of a vanity phone number.  Yes!  Our studio line is 270-926-WBKR and our toll free line is 1-800-844-WBKR.  Some other area businesses have vanity phone numbers as well, customized phone numbers that basically spell out their names or one of the highlights of their services.  We compiled a list of some of the best ones!  Check 'em out.


Pardon the pun, but the phone number at Koehler's Bakery really takes the cake!  Their phone number sounds delicious, doesn't it?   It's 270-683-CAKE!  That's genius.

Another local restaurant found a way to have a vanity phone number without using any letters at all.  The number for 54 Express East is 270-683-5454.  And the number for 54's Starlite Drive location is 270-683-5400.

I love ROMP's phone number.  It's 1-888-MY-BANJO.  That's brilliant.  And so is the RiverPark Center's box office number.  It's 270-687-ARTS.

Towne Square Pet Resort snagged an appropriate vanity number as well.  Theirs is 270-663-PETS.

And my buddy, Brad Emberton (Brad Emberton's Heating and Cooling), decided to get a phone number that lets everyone know who they're calling.  His number is 270-729-BRAD!

And the Owensboro Healthpark's is perfect as well.  Their number is 270-688-LIFE.

Those are just a few of the local highlights.  We're sure there are more that we missed.  If you know of a business that has a really fun vanity number, let us know!!

Danielle Pate did!  She shared this one on  Facebook and it's perfect.  The phone number for Diamonds Lane South here in Owensboro is 270-685-BOWL.

Katie Bryant shared the number for The Pearl Club (formerly the Summit golf club in Owensboro).  Their number is 270-281-GOLF.

Melissa Bennett shared this one.  Advantage Eye Care's number is 270-683-2020!  Pardon the pun, but that number's pretty clear.

Sharron Leach shared the number for Jay's Drive-Inn in Calhoun, Kentucky.  270-273-JAYS.  She's known their phone number by heart since she was five-years-old.

Jenny Creekmur and Jonathon Young shared what may be the best vanity number in history.  The number for Young's Septic Service is freaking hilarious.  It's 270-875-CRAP!

Jonathon Young
Jonathon Young


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