No matter who you are, you know you've worn one, and for some odd reason, you only wore it around Christmas. I'm talking about the dickey. Yes, funny name, but it's a Christmas sweater must! It's simple, you have a holiday sweater, but, like me, you hate wearing a whole turtleneck, so you need a dickey. Here's the crazy part, finding one in 2013 is not easy. I had to scour the internet but I finally found some lucky folks selling dickies on eBay. I don't sew, but I bet I could find someone who can sew a bunch.

At one time, my little sister had a green lame' one and I was jealous, but then again, she's six years younger than me; I would have to accept wearing a mock turtleneck. By the way, don't let anyone tell you a dickey and a mock turtleneck are the same thing. Wrong! It's true they serve the same purpose, but a dickey is a neck warmer, this is a mock turtleneck:

In festive red I might add. All I ask is that you not be afraid. Let your Cousin Eddie out!