Remember USA for Africa and "We Are the World" back in 1985? Remember when artists like Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and so many others got together in one studio and made history?

Well, now, it's country music's turn.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards, nearly 30 country music superstars and legends have come together as Artists Then, Now, & Forever and have recorded a song called "Forever Country."

WBKR will join hundreds of other radio stations in for the world premiere of this historic new single this Friday, September 16th, at 7:30AM Central Time.

Personally, I am very excited to hear this new song as it is the first time in the history of country music that something like this has happened.

The song's video will premiere next Tuesday, September 20th.

If you want to get a sneak peek at some artist teasers from this landmark recording session plus behind the scenes content, go to

Seriously, I cannot wait!



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