I first visited The Devil's Attic- a ridiculously good haunted house in Louisville, Kentucky- a few years ago. Three things still stand out from that initial spine-tingling visit.

First, we were greeted inside the main door by The Devil himself. We expected to see him, but I'm not sure we expected to see and hear him this vividly. We were walking into his lair and he greeted us with open arms and the fiery flames of Hell. You'll see him in the teaser trailer below.

Second, I was blown away by the special effects inside. My favorite haunted houses from when I was a kid were the ones that went all out with their set design. For me, it's not scary just to walk around in the dark. Frankly, I can do that at home if I turn all my lights off. I want my senses- all of them- to be engaged. The Devil's Attic was bright and dark and dingy and gory and the creators did an incredible job of thrusting us into some of the most iconic scenes from some of the most popular horror films in history.

That leads me to the third experience that has stuck with me since.  Honestly, this is what I remember most about my first visit. The Devil's Attic had a scene that recreated- almost perfectly- The Exorcist. For me, that movie is the scariest film ever made and The Devil's Attic dropped us right into the middle of Regan MacNeil's exorcism. It was INSANE and I will never forget the actress breaking free from her wrist restraints and lunging past the priest to get to us.

There are infinite reasons why The Devil's Attic continues to be the most award-winning haunted attraction in Kentucky.  It has received accolades and been named a Top Haunt from the Haunted Attraction Association. It's been hailed by The Scare Factor, an official selection from Haunt Nation and more.

As The Devil's Attic gears up for its 2023 season, the attraction just dropped its brand new commercial.  It's a 3-minute mini-movie that is as twisted and as riveting as I had hoped. Check it out!

The Devil's Attic- HELL- opens on Saturday, September 9th. You can get more information and purchase your tickets online of their official website.

HELL OPENS September 9th At The Devils Attic, Kentuckys MOST award winning haunted attraction!

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