Here at WBKR, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Hell on Wheels bus!  That's right.  Hell on Wheels II will depart from the WBKR studios on Saturday, October 25th, and we'll be heading to the Louisville area to tour three haunted attractions in one night.  And the first stop is the site of where our journey kicked off last year.  The terrifying, demented and diabolical The Devil's Attic.  Here's a sneak peek!

We are thrilled to again offer The Devil's Attic as a stop on our Hell on Wheels tour.  The haunt is consistently voted one of Louisville's top haunted attractions and for good reason.  We went last year and were just blown away by the actors, the props, the set design and the terror!  I am still talking about the completely warped scene from The Exorcist.  It was crazy and we felt like we stumbled right into the movie.  We can't wait to LIVE THE NIGHTMARE again!

Though Hell on Wheels II is officially sold out, we highly encourage you to head to Louisville and brave The Devil's Attic.  For additional information about The Devil's Attic, CLICK HERE!

Hell on Wheels II is proudly presented by Henderson Chevy Buick GMC.


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