Yes, that photo is creepy!  And, trust me, with this series . . . you shouldn't expect anything less.  I met Kevin Bacon a couple of years ago.  And I vividly remember that he had abnormally soft hands that completely freaked me out.  So, imagine my surprise that he has wrapped those hands firmly around Fox's gritty, envelope-pushing and captivating new serial-killer drama, The Following.  If you haven't caught any of this yet, check out the official trailer here at!

In The Following, Kevin Bacon stars as former FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who gets summoned back into the line of duty when infamous serial killer Joe Carroll escapes from prison.  See, Hardy was instrumental in putting him away and, naturally, Carroll harbors some seriously ill feelings.  Though Carroll is quickly apprehended, his escape sets into action an elaborately planned and orchestrated series of kidnappings and brutal murders, some random, some not so much.  Yes, the "following" refers to Joe's Edgar Allan Poe-inspired band of cult followers.  A group of homicidal maniacs programmed to serve his will.

But what is it exactly Joe Carroll wants?  What is his will?  What is his master plan?  I have watched every episode glued to the edge of my seat and I can tell you . . . without hesitation . . . I have absolutely no idea.  But I do know this.  I am on board for this crazy, twisted and hypertensive ride.

The Following is pulse-pounding, boundary-pushing television.  It's violent, hyper-sexual and downright sadistic.  And I LOVE it!  Like its Fox predecessor 24, The Following prides itself on unpredictable twists and turns.  The borders between good and evil are routinely blurred in nearly every episode and one always wonders who is working for the FBI and, more importantly, who is actually working for Joe?

This bold and brazen new series is a bloody and elaborate testosterone-fueled puzzle that I can't wait to put together each week.

Seriously, folks!  I hate to sound like a cult leader here . . . but you MUST watch this show! You must join The Following!

(courtesy of Fox)

Oh . . . yes!  The girl in that photo ends up about like you think she's going to.  Lesson learned!  Don't aim an ice pick at your face!

The Following airs Mondays at 8pm central on WEVV Fox 44.  Plus, you can catch up with the first few episodes now available On Demand!