Last year, we got really used to using the hashtag #2020 as a punchline.  I mean, could that particular year have been worse?  Well, let's be honest.  2021 isn't off to the best start either and I have news today that's going to make you cringe.  It's been seventeen years since we last saw them, but the brood cicadas are about to emerge after spending the last seventeen years underground.

Yes!  The freaking cicadas are coming.  A billion of them.  And they're coming to town. We're going to see swarms of them in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

In case you're unfamiliar with cicadas, they're obnoxious. According to a recent article shared by, each group of cicadas is called a "brood" and each group is labeled with a Roman numeral.  Well, Brood X is about to bust on up outta the ground like that scary hand at the end of the movie Carrie.

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And, speaking of movies, this whole thing really reminds of me of that movie Jeepers Creepers.  Remember that?  "Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, it gets to . . . eat."  LOL!  Seriously.  Watch this.  It will sound like they're talking about the cicadas that are resurfacing in the Tristate.

Now, if you haven't seen a cicada, I guarantee you have heard one- or thousands. Check out this video.  It will demonstrate what a 17-year brood cicada sounds like (it's like listening to Angel).  You will hear noise from one cicada, then the noise that a bunch of cicadas make together.

I also found another great video on YouTube from Jeff the Nature Guy.  He not only lets you hear what a cicada sounds like (his are the 5-year cicadas), but he shares some interesting facts about them too.  For example, a lot of folks think they're locusts.  They're not.

So, get your earplugs ready.  Sometime in May, these guys and gals are going to have their seventeen year coming out party.  I don't know about you, but this feels very #2021 to me.


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