I have to give a major shout out to my friend Cathy Dukes, who gave me a heads up about this forecast.  For years, Dick Frymire of Irvington, Kentucky used a Japanese elm tree and a formula built around it to predict winter weather for the coming year.  Though Dick passed away in 2013, his family is carrying on his tradition and they have issued the 2016-2017 forecast.  And here's a little hint.  You'd better bundle up and get the shovel ready!

Here's the official 2016-2017 Frymire Winter Weather Forecast!


Yep!  You're not misreading that forecast.  It's calling for LOTS of snow in Kentucky.  60 inches of it as a matter of fact.  Let's hope that the Japanese elm was just going out on a limb with this one.  And, yes!  That pun was intended.  I am masking my concern and fright with humor.

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