The tragic events in Las Vegas point to many different questions. One question fans are asking is this going to change the future of open air concerts and festivals? Will security be maximized after Monday's events? 

Not all festivals are around buildings, but will those that are be going away?

The simple answer is as long as music fans demand to see their favorite artists live, the artists at all costs will deliver.

Many big festivals such as Lollapallooza, Austin City Limits, and the CMA Music Fest take place in and around city landscapes. Big cities attract bigger crowds and there are multiple stages and activities for the fans

I went to a festival this summer that was smack dab in the middle of a Nashville city block. Save for the side where Nissan Stadium and the riverfront was, the rest of the activities including the main stage were surrounded by some type of structure. With the majority of festivals occurring on weekends, is there any guarantee the surrounding buildings will be secure? No, of course not, but never once did I question my safety.

Will our demand for entertainment override our fear? Is the future of open air events going to depend on us, as the fans, to not be willing to live in constant fear for our safety?

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