I've been harboring this theory that time really IS moving faster than it used to move. And then I saw a story about the earth actually moving faster on its axis, these days, and thought, "See, I'm NOT wrong. One minute is only 59 seconds now." NOT. Don't quote me.

But you get my point.

Just like the "time" conundrum, my stay at intersections seems LONGER than it once did. That's on you, traffic lights.

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Oh wait. One more thing. Before we delve into Owensboro's "epic" signals, let me say that just because a light goes on a long time doesn't mean we should start focusing all of our attentions on our PHONES. All that does is make folks sit there a little longer when the light turns green.

Anyway, on we go. I have my own opinions, but I decided to "poll the crowd" and find out what intersections THEY think have the longest traffic lights.

The Longest Traffic Lights in Owensboro

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