One of my travel buddies, Craig Fort, just got back from a week-long stay in Hawaii.  Yes, he ditched me and had the nerve to go with some other friends which, under normal circumstances, would be totally inexcusable.  However, he returned to the mainland with a peace offering . . . a bag of Hershey's goodies that you can only find in The Aloha State!  Check this out!  Your salivary glands are going to explode!

Photo by Tad
Photo by Tad

Yep!  That's a bag of Hershey's Kisses featuring the Mauna Loa macadamia nut.  To put this in very simple terms . . . this is crack for chocoholics.  According to Craig, you can only find this particular variety of Kisses in Hawaii and even there it's difficult to find them in stores.  Apparently, they are so popular that stock boys in grocery stores hula around like Tasmanian devils trying to keep them on the grocery shelves.

But luckily, Craig made it off the islands with a couple of bags in tow.  These things are AWESOME and inspired me to check out the official Mauna Loa website.  You have to hear the theme song and you have to check out their list of products.  My tongue is hanging out and I feel like a lizard!  Seriously!  If you try and pick me up by the tail right now, my butt may fall off.

And, get this!  Just out of curiosity (because my bag of Kisses is almost gone), I searched to see if there's a place you can order these little Hawaiian pleasures online.  (Btw, don't ever type "Hawaiian pleasure" in a search engine on a public computer).   I found a one-pound bag on for $17.98!!  Yeah!  You read that correctly.  $17.98!!

UGH!!  As delicious as they are, I think I will wait for Craig to go back to Hawaii and pick me up another free stash.  That's what friends are for.  If they won't take you to Hawaii, they can at least bring you back a souvenir.


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