Yesterday morning, I opened my weather app when I crawled out of bed.  I was quite surprised to see a snowflake emoji on it for Halloween!  Angel and I asked Ron Rhodes and he, at the time, refused to say that dreaded four-letter "s" word.  Well, this morning, Joe Bird was filling in for Ron and HE said it!  Yes, we could see a few snow showers on Halloween.

According to Joe, from Eyewitness News, the new forecast models are trending a bit warmer (they were showing lows in the 20's), but they're also trending wetter.  And rain with temps in the 30's could mean snow early next Thursday.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Yes!  That forecast is mentioning snow showers as a possibility for Halloween.  The good news is that if it happens, that snow will dissipate quickly and we'll warm into the mid 50's with sunny skies.  That's PERFECT trick-or-treating weather!

Obviously, it's early and a lot could change.  But the mere suggestion we could see a few snow flakes on Halloween is intriguing.  LOL!   We'll keep you posted here at WBKR, and the app.

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