As you know, I have a series on this website called Tri-State Bucket List. It's all about finding these wonderful, locally-owned restaurants we don't want you to miss out on.

I think we all have bucket lists--things we do not want to miss out on. I know mine has quite a few entries I have yet to check off. A couple of them involve cars.

I want to rent a convertible and drive U.S. Highway 1 from Miami to Key West. It's over 160 miles and mostly over the ocean. I also want to do a trip in which I visit car show after car show after car show.

I love vintage vehicles. They're works of art.

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So, I guess you could say the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro is giving you a chance to win a work of art. That's how I look at it anyway.

Check out this beautiful 1941 Chevy that TWO is raffling off:

I saw that beauty and those clothes and immediately thought The Maltese Falcon. And I hit the nail right on the head. That classic film noir was RELEASED in 1941.

Here's a closer look:

Good luck.

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