The ongoing actors strike has affected how we can see our favorite movie and TV stars in ways we may not realize.

For starters, I think we're all well aware that, absent what's known as an "interim agreement," actors are not stepping in front of a camera anytime soon. That's pretty clear. Less so, perhaps, are their involvement at other events like, for example, the annual San Diego Comic Con in which fans can rub elbows with their favorite action, sci-fi, horror, or animation stars.

It was expected to be a flop this year because of the SAG-AFTRA strike, but there were some 150,000 fans in attendance and the event was a rousing success. This should help organizers of other such events breathe a sigh of relief. And with the proliferation of "con" events over the last several years, it sounds like a thriving business will continue to thrive.

An Oscar Winner Comes to Kentucky

But just because Comic Con was all but devoid of anyone you'd recognize, other cons and similar events will not only proceed as planned, but they'll be able to promote the appearances of celebrities we might think wouldn't be able to be in attendance...celebrities like Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, for example:

Before we go any further--and this has nothing to do with the topic at hand--didn't movie trailers look and sound weird back in the day?


Yes, Richard Dreyfuss will participate in ScareFest Weekend, coming to Lexington October 20th through the 22nd. And based on the comments, you will enjoy meeting him if you get the chance:

What Richard Dreyfuss Brings to the Kentucky ScareFest Table

While The Goodbye Girl is what landed Dreyfuss the gold trophy, he's arguably far more well-known for a couple of movies that better fit the mold of ScareFest:

In my opinion, that blockbuster features the scariest opening minutes of any film I have ever seen. And the NEXT one features a finale as tense as any that has ever been put on screen:

If you DO attend ScareFest, I have a suggestion if you plan on meeting Richard Dreyfuss. Bring a couple of toy boats and have him sign the bigger one.

And then--here's where it gets weird, but he won't think so--whip out a container of mashed potatoes.

And one more thing, enjoy ALL your "close encounters" this fall at ScareFest.

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