Southern Living Magazine just released their 2024 "Best of the South" survey results.  Celebrating the best small towns, places to travel, and must-visit restaurants all over the southern United States.

A few of the features include hidden gems or things that make each state special.  For instance, they determined the best barbecue restaurants in each state. Kentucky's winner just so happened to be from Owensboro. No surprise there really! it's what we're known for.

From Florida Snorkeling to Louisiana Gumbo

With such rich histories, states in the South all have specific things they are known for. Florida has beautiful snorkeling spots, Louisiana has the best authentic restaurants for Gumbo, and Tennessee has the most iconic live music venue, etc. Southern Living Magazine asked readers to share their favorite places or "treasures" from their home states.

The Best Local Treasure in Kentucky 2024

When you think about things that are special to Kentucky, what comes to mind? For me, it's horses, bourbon, basketball, bluegrass, and BBQ. For a lot of folks, especially in the Louisville area, that list has a very special sandwich on it. The Hot Brown from J. Graham's Cafe at the Brown Hotel is the Southern Living Best Local Treasure of Kentucky for 2024.

The Kentucky Hot Brown

Created at the Brown Hotel in the 1920s, this unique open-faced hot sandwich is a classic Kentucky dish. Developed by Chef Fred Schmidt, it was immediately a hit and has stayed popular ever since. With toasted bread topped with slow-roasted sliced turkey, a creamy Mornay cheese sauce, Roma tomatoes, and thick bacon slices, it is broiled until brown and bubbly. If done correctly, the toast stays crispy and it is oh-so delicious! It's no wonder they prepare over 80,000 a year!

Have you ever had a Kentucky Hot Brown? If not, what in the world are you waiting for? You can have the real deal in a beautiful dining experience at J. Graham's Cafe.

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