I am normally not afraid of spiders.  I was once briefly as a child when I was running through a cornfield and nearly smacked face-first into one of those gigantic writing spiders.  I am pretty sure it wrote "You're about to die, Chad!" in its web.  But usually, I am cool with them.  I have even been known to pick spiders up and take them outside after finding them in my house.  I don't like to kill things and I figure that spiders have a better chance of living productive lives and finding flies to eat if they're outside instead of inside in my living room.  So, I do my best to help save the population.  Now, all that said, I think THIS would absolutely freak me the heck out!  I saw this video of a massive spider web in New Zealand and was quickly reminded of that movie Eight-Legged Freaks.  This looks horrifying.

Yes!  That entire field is a spider web.  That entire field looks like a trap laid by that child-eating spider in Stephen King's It.  And I wouldn't go near it.

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