This is going to be awesome!  Thomas Rhett just announced that he's bringing his 2022 Bring the Bar to You Tour to the Ford Center in Evansville this fall with special guests Parker McCollum and Conner Smith.

I have been a fan of Thomas since he snagged his first Top 10 hit with "It Goes Like This."  It's hard to believe, but that was in 2013- nearly ten years ago.  Since that time, Thomas has scored seventeen more Top Ten hits, including two #1s on the Billboard Country chart- "Die a Happy Man" and "What's Your Country Song?'

Since I am a fellow fan, I decided to help get you excited about Thomas' upcoming Evansville concert with the five Thomas Rhett songs I am most looking forward to hearing him sing live.  Your Top 5 may share some of these.  You may have five completely different ones.

Here we go!


Look, I realize this song didn't crack the Top 10 when it was released back in 2016, but it's a GREAT party song.  And, as someone who works hard solely for the purpose of taking epic vacations, I relate to it fully.  And, let's be honest.  In concert, this song is going to be ridiculously fun!


I love when artists pay homage to their roots and this song is a clever musical tribute to a lot of songs and artists who drove the dirt road before Thomas came along to pave it with some new country.


Topping out at #3 in 2016, this may be Thomas Rhett's sexiest song.  And the video is pretty spectacular too.  Honestly, it's proof that he could probably join a boy band if he had the urge.  Though his roots are purely country, I think Thomas Rhett could successfully tackle pop too.


"Crash and Burn" hit #2 back in 2015 and, coincidentally, it's my second favorite song of his. I love the blend of country and dance.  It's a nearly perfect combo.


For me, this is THE Thomas Rhett song.  My absolute favorite song of his (and likely always will be) as well as one of my favorite country songs of the entire last decade.  Period.


If you want to see Thomas Rhett live at the Ford Center in Evansville on Friday, October 14th, get ready!  Tickets will go on sale at 10am CST on Friday, January 28th.

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