Have you all seen this?  It's a retrospective tribute to Owensboro's Executive Inn.

The Executive Inn opened in downtown Owensboro in 1977.  At the time of its grand opening, it was the Commonwealth's second largest convention center.  The hotel closed in 2008 and was torn down the following year.

I have tons of memories about The Executive Inn.  Here are a few that really stick out: I remember going with my family to see the Van-Dells in concert.  It was way back in the early 80's and I distinctly remember going to have dinner at Western Sizzlin' before the concert.  I am pretty sure I wore a velour shirt to the show.  LOL!

I also remember us renting rooms so we could use the indoor pool.  It was a shameless ploy, but it worked.  And it was fun.

I remember taking my friend Amy to see Natalie Cole in concert before our senior prom! Yes.  Most of our friends went out to local restaurants then went to the dance.  Not us.  We bought tickets to Natalie Cole's dinner show, then went to meet up with our friends at prom.

And I remember meeting Kevin Bacon there in the showroom lounge and freaking out when I shook his hand.  His right hand was strangely and abnormally soft.  Weird memory.  I know.  But I still get triggered.  LOL!

And, of course, I remember standing outside the E and watching it implode back in 2009.

While the Executive Inn has been gone over a decade now, the memories of it will literally last a lifetime here in Owensboro.  What are YOUR favorite memories of The Big E?

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