Did you have one of these?  Remember the series of cookbooks we did here at WBKR?  The Cooking with Kelly Cookbooks?

Yes!  I still have a copy in my cookbook collection.


Back when Kelly G was our midday gal here at WBKR, we partnered with Foodland (another #throwback) to create a series of cookbooks called Cooking with Kelly.  And the irony was the fact that Kelly G made no bones about the fact that she wasn't a very good cook.  Yet!  However, some of our listeners, thankfully, are good cooks and you all shared some ridiculously amazing recipes that we, in turn, published in the books.  And there ended up being several editions!  I love the cover of this one!!


LOL!  And that is indeed an autographed copy . . . that I found recently at a used book sale!!  Sorry, Kelly!!

And, yep!  We even published a holiday edition


I don't quite remember just how many versions of Cooking with Kelly we circulated, but, as you can tell by the photos, there were at least three!

How many copies of the book do you have?  And did you ever try any of the recipes?