I knew that I would really enjoy the time I was going to get to spend around the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, but I underestimated how impressive they would be. Sure, the jets and show are awesome, but it was their general demeanor toward our town that was so memorable.

Chad and I were able to spend time with them before his flight Thursday and I was overwhelmed by how polite, humbling, generous and gracious they were with everyone they interacted with.

But, it was what I saw circulating on Facebook this evening that brought tears to my eyes.

Michael and Brandon this one was for you. You both are loved and missed so much by your community. Army SGT Michael Cable and SPC Brandon Mullins, both Kentucky natives were killed in action in Afghanistan.

Posted by U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds on Sunday, September 13, 2015

After seeing this, and wiping the tears from my eyes, I immediately emailed Sara. Sara is an officer, responsible for communication between the Thunderbirds and the media/general public. I had such a great time with her on Thursday, learning about the history and mission of their squadron. I emailed her to get more information about this amazing gesture of gratitude toward these two families. She told me that at every show, they honor a Fallen Warrior. For Owensboro's show, they wanted to honor both SGT Michael Cable and SPC Brandon Mullins. Both of their names were placed on the commanders wheel well of the jet and the Thunderbirds flew for them. They also met with both families to express their gratitude for their service.

Of all the things that I took away from this weekend, one stands out. Everyone that we came in contact with in the United States Air Force Thunderbirds is honored to be a part of it. They are sincerely proud to represent the Air Force and to travel the country every weekend and put on amazing shows, visits schools and meet people just like me and you.

And, how can we not be proud of them? I told Chad that my time Thursday at the airport preparing for the airshow was one of my favorite and most proud work days in radio ever. He agreed. We've met a lot of celebrities and covered some impressive events at WBKR. But, our time with the Thunderbirds beats them all. It's a weekend full of encounters and memories we won't forget.