One Boonville, Indiana family's hilariously unique solution to a problem during the holidays years ago has become the basis for a story all families can enjoy for years to come.

For some of us, my family included, the problem with setting up the Christmas tree during the holiday season is trying to keep the cats from destroying it. For the past couple of years, we haven't even bothered putting ornaments on ours because our nearly 3-year-old cat can't help himself. Even the lack of ornaments hasn't stopped him from climbing halfway up it and resting on the branches bending them to the point where it makes Charlie Brown's tree look like a masterpiece.

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For the Mitchell family, a cat wasn't the issue. It was their then 17-month-old twin sons, Brady and Brody who were a tiny, two-person wrecking crew that forced the family to come up with a way to protect the tree. Fast forward to the present where their older brother, Tyler, is sharing the story in a brand-new children's book.

Double Trouble and the Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Tyler G. Mitchell via Amazon
Tyler G. Mitchell via Amazon

Double Trouble and the Upside-Down Christmas Tree tells the true story of how their dad, Mike, decided that the best way to keep his sons from literally tearing the tree limb from limb was to hang it upside-down from the ceiling of the family's living room. While the twins are the focal point of the story, its protagonist is Tyler himself who was 8 years old at the time, whose biggest concern is whether or not Santa will deliver presents to a house with an upside-down tree.

While the book will be the first time the story has been shared in print form, it won't be the first time the story has been shared publicly. Former WEHT features journalist, Hal Wolford featured the family's story on his popular "Backroads" segment.

Double Trouble and the Upside-Down Christmas Tree Release Information

Illustrated by Brian Dumm Illustration & Design, the book is scheduled to be released just as the 2023 holiday season gets going on November 30th. with pre-orders available now through Amazon.

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