We're getting ready for the Big BKR Smackdown. It gets underway Friday, December 27th at 7am here on WBKR. Dave Spencer and I will be hosting the interactive, 12-hour event that gives YOU the chance to vote for and choose the #1 Country Song of 2019. So, let's get started. Consider this the preliminary round. Here's a list of the country songs released and on the charts this year!  We want to know which ones are YOUR favorites. Vote for your Top Ten NOW!!

And be sure to tune into WBKR this Friday for the 2019 Big BKR Smackdown  presented by Bowen Tire. Starting at 7am, we'll take these top 92 songs of the year and pit them head-to-head-to-head on the radio and give you chance to call, App Chat or Facebook your votes! By 7pm, we'll have narrowed our list of 92 songs down to just one- the tristate's favorite country song of 2019!

If you don't have the WBKR app, download it now.  And check out the App Chat feature!

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