Here at WBKR, we're getting ready for the Big BKR Smackdown, our annual event that allows you to vote for your favorite songs of the year. It gets underway Thursday, December 30th at 7am here on WBKR. Dave Spencer and I will be hosting the interactive,12-hour event that gives YOU the chance to vote for and choose the #1 Country Song of 2021.

During the event, we'll take the biggest songs of the year and pit them head-to-head-to-head in the Smackdown ring.  While those songs are playing, you'll be able to vote for your favorite song of those three.  The song that gets the most votes in that time frame will be declared the winner and will advance further along in the bracket.

Now, to get the ball rolling, we're going to put you to work in what we consider our preliminary Smackdown round.   Here's a list of the country songs released, on the charts this year and played here at WBKR!  We want to know which ones are YOUR favorites. Vote for your Top Ten NOW!!

By the way, the votes from preliminary voting will roll over into the first round of the Smackdown.  The votes will only count in that initial round on the day of the Smackdown elimination event.  Vote tallies are wiped clean at the start of Round 2.

Be sure to tune into WBKR next Thursday, December 30th for the 2021 Big BKR Smackdown. Starting at 7am, we'll take all these songs above and pit them against each other for your votes.

You'll be able to cast your votes in a variety of ways.  You can cast your vote during each Smackdown by calling the WBKR studios at 270-926-WBKR, 1-800-944-WBKR or by tapping CALL US on the WBKR app.  You can also vote via Facebook on the WBKR Facebook page or by sending us a message through App Chat on the WBKR app. If you don't have the WBKR app, download it now.  And check out the App Chat feature!

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By 7pm, we'll have narrowed our list of songs down to just one- the tristate's favorite country song of 2021!

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