World champion eater Joey Chesnut is coming back to Owensboro in a couple of weeks for the International Bar-B-Q Festival. He'll be defending his title in the 2nd annual World Mutton Slider Eating Championship presented by Kentucky Legend.   Last year Joey won the inaugural event by eating fifty-five quarter-pound mutton sandwiches in just ten minutes!  Yes, you read that correctly!  He ate nearly 14 pounds of meat.  It was insane!  And, now, we're teaming up with the City of Owensboro and Kentucky Legend to give YOU the opportunity to get a spot at the competition table and take him on!

The International Bar-B-Q Festival is May 11th and 12th in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky.  And this year's marquee food event, the World Mutton Slider Eating Championship, will take place at 4pm on Saturday the 12th.

Among the professional eaters competing will be defending champion Joey Chesnut, who has won multiple titles in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is ranked #1 in Major League Eating.  Last year, Joey stopped by our morning show to tell us about how he gets ready for competition days!

I took Joey on last year (and failed miserably, by the way).  While Joey ate 55 sandwiches in ten minutes, I was only able to choke down three-and-a-half.  And I got in trouble for throwing one of my sandwiches to the crowd.  LOL!.  I keep telling everyone I was only 51-and-a-half sandwiches out of first place.  Some folks, however, like to refer to that as "dead last".  I love mutton, but it was disgusting and I will never do it again.

However, we're giving YOU the chance.  If you think you have what it takes to battle it out with Joey Jaws, fill out the form below!  Be sure to let us know what makes you the man/woman for the job.  If you've got a reputation for eating, we want to know about it.  We want you to convince us that YOU have what it takes to go toe-to-toe . . . or jaws to jaws . . . with Joey Chesnut. The winner will be announced on Friday, May 4th!




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