Sometimes MONDAY lives up to its billing. For starters, I encounter a computer issue I've never seen before in my lifetime--and I won't get into it because we'd be here all day--and now THIS nonsense.

The Country Station 92.5 WBKR has just kicked off its spring Cash Cow promotion during which we will give out 10 three-digit codes each weekday that will qualify listeners to win up to $30,000. Additionally, 10 winners will be chosen each of those weekdays and will each receive $100 in cold, hard cash.

An Impostor WBKR Website Has Surfaced

There are other ways to qualify to win during WBKR Cash Cow 2023. Just click That is the correct link. What you see in the Facebook post below is absolutely not the correct link. And we've blocked it out to be on the safe side. It's not only the wrong URL, but it could harm your computer or mobile device; there's no point in taking any chances.


Yes, it looks like we have an impostor, and I'm learning that we aren't the only ones. Let me implore you NOT to click that link if you see that phony post or that link in any OTHER post.

I saw the phony website; that's why I blocked it out. And yes, I was tempted to see what it looked like, but I felt that would open up my computer and my company to a world of hurt. So I didn't.

You shouldn't either. It's just like those links you get in Facebook messages from friends who've been hacked. Don't click 'em.

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