No!  That's the short answer.  The last couple of days, Facebook has been flooded with shares from a story about an alleged bull shark discovery in Kentucky Lake.  Well, it didn't happen.  It's completely fake news.  And we have proof.

Here's what the fake Facebook post looks like.  In other words, beware of fake shark!


While this post looks convincing, it's just not true.  In fact, earlier today, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources confirmed it by taking to Facebook to dispel the rumors.


And Paducah TV station WPSD quickly worked to do damage control as well.

As for the website,, the "Prank Your Friends" site, it is intended for "entertainment purposes only."  In fact, a disclaimer on the website essentially says that stories on the site "should not be taken seriously."

So, if your 4th of July plans consist of visiting Kentucky Lake, go right ahead.  You won't be eaten by a bull shark.


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