It's an understatement to say that this is not the news I wanted to share today.  But, it's truly, in the interest of public health, the only viable option we have.

Here at WBKR, we have made the decision to cancel Camp Country 2020.  This would have been the 5th anniversary and was destined to be the biggest and best Camp Country yet.  But ongoing concerns about COVID-19 have prompted us to make the difficult decision to cancel this year's event.

As Angel and I discussed on the show this morning, Camp Country is a weekend full of laughs, hugs and handshakes.  And there's just no way, given the continued threat of COVID-19 spread, that Camp Country this year can look like Camp Country the last few years.  While we would love the opportunity to host the event, we don't want to compromise all the things that make Camp Country what it is.  Most importantly, we don't want to compromise you.  There's no doubt about it.  YOU are what's most important to us.

If you have a Camp Country reservation, please do not call Diamond Lake. Janice Smith will call you to see what you want to do about that weekend.

Also, if you have won a key in our Keys to Adventure camper contest, we have redesigned the grand prize giveaway, which will still take place at Diamond Lake on Saturday, September 26th.  However, the time of that give away is changing to 10am CST.  Obviously, we have had to get creative and have done so.  Our Keys to Adventure grand prize giveaway will be our first ever DRIVE-IN grand prize event.  Full details are coming so stay tuned for those.  And stay tuned for additional details on how the remaining keys will be given away.

Thanks so much for your understanding.  While 2020 hasn't worked out the way any of us thought it would, one thing is for certain.  While we may not be together in person, we're always together in spirit.  It's that spirit of togetherness that has us looking forward to 2021 when we all finally get to come together and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Camp Country.

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