Okay, let's be serious.  You can either rock out Valentine's Day (romantic dinner, exciting getaway, some amazing and unexpected surprise) or you can absolutely botch it (with a box of weird chocolates or by making the mistake of completely forgetting about it).  Well, if you're looking for something unique and fun for Valentine's Day, it's quite possible that the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden can supply it.  They're hosting a raffle that will send someone, some lucky couple, on an exciting Valentine's Day getaway to Farmer and Frenchman Winery in Henderson.

Earlier this week, Botanical Garden Executive Director Laurna Strehl made the official kick off announcement on Facebook!

Tickets for the raffle are just $10 a piece.  The grand prize package consists of the following: A one-night stay in a Farmer & Frenchman bungalow (in Henderson, Kentucky) on Valentine's Day.  That's Sunday night, Feb 14th (though, as Laurna explains in the video, that date is negotiable).  Plus, if you're the lucky winner, you'll also get a fabulous Farmer and Frenchman dinner at 5pm and a premium orchid grown by the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden.

The total value of the grand prize is $425.

To purchase YOUR Valentine's Day Package tickets, you can CLICK HERE!

Again, a reminder, the official grand prize drawing will be held at Noon CST, Friday, February 5th, so the winner will have plenty of time to make preparations and, of course, surprise his/her sweetheart and Valentine!

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